How to make an order

There is a button with a basket next to each product item. We press A window opens where you need to fill in the product data. Press the button after choosing a color. select the desired size and quantity of the product. And then the system will transfer the product to the basket. In the upper right corner there is a basket, in which the product you have chosen is highlighted. In order to view the entire selected product, when you click on the basket, 2 buttons appear, view the basket and place an order. To place an order, click on the place an order button. And as a result of these simple actions, we will know what you need: product unit, color, number of products.

During the day, you will receive a letter to your e-mail address and our manager will contact you via Viber. After confirmation of the order, the payment for the order is reset. After receiving the money and confirming the order (if cash on delivery), we send the order to you by the carrier specified in the shopping cart.

ATTENTION Specify the preferred carrier in the comments.